ďAre you a human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience?Ē

-Teilhard de Chardin



from Rigzing Ling Monastery Trinity Alps, California

presents . . .


Saturday, February 21, 2004


When you donít perceive the harmonious relationship linking all of life, a sense of dissatisfaction and isolation can pervade our experience. Things may seem out of balance, our daily life a struggle. Having a spiritual perspective of this dilemma reveals to us our common goodheart nature. We are all deeply spiritual beings and can discover this easily in meditation. Being mindful means looking closely for our true nature. If we look, we will see. If we see it, we will recognize it, for it is the basis of life.


Sickness and unhappiness are not signs of failure. They are signs for us to look deeper for the healing power within us that we have lost touch with. We have the capacity to deal with the healing power of our minds. The power to heal is universal, part of every being from every walk of life. The problem is that we donít realize it. We experience a complex overlay of negative emotions and limited concepts that block our ability to do well, despite our many efforts. The lecture will cover a wide range of methods to address the complexity of our situation. These include contemplation, visualization, and meditative rest, which purify deep-seated patterns within us, removing the causes which impair our judgment, so that we realize the potential to be and act well.

One Day Retreat:

Location and Time:
A one day retreat on Healing Meditation taught by Lama Orgyen Zangpo of Rigzing Ling in the Trinity Alps in Northern California will be offered at Grove Isle Condominium, Building 2, hosted by Maria Elena Torano. On Saturday, February 21, the day-long session will start a 9 a.m. and will break at noon for a two hour lunch period. (Lunch will be on your own.) The retreat will resume at 2 p.m. and go until 5 p.m.

Registration Fee and Attendance Confirmation: There is a registration contribution of $20 per person for Lama Zangpo's monastery. Please make check payable to Chagdud Gonpa Foundation and indicate Lama Zangpo in the Memo section of check.
Please confirm your attendance by calling 305-987-3575 or you may reply to this email with your information to Maria Elena Torano to this email address:

Lama Orgyan Zangpo studied with H.E. Chagdud Rinpoche for over twenty years and was ordained a Nyingma lama by him in 1996. He teaches throughout the United States and is managing editor of Padma Publishing and a member of Padma Translation Committee.

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