ďAre you a human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience?Ē

-Teilhard de Chardin


from Rigzing Ling Monastery Trinity Alps, California

To Visit Miami in February, 2004


When you donít perceive the harmonious relationship linking all of life, a sense of dissatisfaction and isolation can pervade our experience. Things may seem out of balance, our daily life a struggle. Having a spiritual perspective of this dilemma reveals to us our common goodheart nature. We are all deeply spiritual beings and can discover this easily in

meditation. Being mindful means looking closely for our true nature. If we look, we will see. If we see it, we will recognize it, for it is the basis of life.


The practice of Great Perfection is best begun after having practiced an essential group of methods to remove our delusion and thereby prepare us reveal mindís true nature. Lama Zangpo will introduce those methods, specifically the topics of impermanence, precious human birth, karma, suffering, refuge, the awakening attitude of a bodhisattva, purification, and the accumulation of meritóall of which prepare us for the main topic of Guru Yoga. Many practitioners mistake these preliminaries as something to be finished early on the practice. In fact, they are the basis for the entire Buddhist path.


Having focused in spiritual development for over a millennium, Tibetans emphasize that the student-teacher relationship, called Guru Yoga, is the most effective way to develop spirituality. Having focused on material and technological development, Westerners sometimes donít understand how the blessings of the guru cultivated through devotion can uproot delusion and reveal mindís true nature. This is possible because devotion disarms our negativity and limited view of reality.

The guru is the principle of truth and represents the sense of possibility that we canít otherwise embrace. By invoking the outer guru, we find the inner guru---the nature of mind -- powerfully and confidently. With that blessing, the tight bond of concepts dissolves. Everything becomes clear.

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Lama Orgyan Zangpo studied with H.E. Chagdud Rinpoche for over twenty years and was ordained a Nyingma lama by him in 1996. He teaches throughout the United States and is managing editor of Padma Publishing and a member of Padma Translation Committee.

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